Q&A: “What Questions Do You Have About Journaling?”

Every other week, I post a special episode of JournalTalk devoted to a specific question that I’ve received from fans, followers or friends about some aspect of journal-writing. I enjoy sharing my perspective, and giving examples from the 30+ years that I’ve been keeping a journal. But even more, I love the conversation with others. That’s why I […]

Q&A: “Can Journaling Help Me Be Better Friends (with Myself)?”

Susan Borkin joins me once again, to share a therapist’s viewpoint on the journal-writing benefit of improved self-esteem, and walk us through a few tips from her book, The Healing Power of Writing. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I don’t seem to hear about the importance of a positive self-image anymore. When I was growing up in the […]

Q&A: “Does it Help to Shout into My Journal?”

Anonymous callers are so much fun, and ask such close, personal questions. This one asks, “Can a journal help someone with anger management issues?” I’ve got some thoughts of my own on this, but I’ve invited back back Susan Borkin, to include a therapist’s viewpoint. Her book, The Healing Power of Writing,is a great resource for questions like […]

Journaling When Words Are Not Enough

Several episodes ago, I interviewed Susan Borkin, and we just “clicked”. I’ve enjoyed having her come back to share answers to those of your journaling questions that she has written about in her book, The Healing Power of Writing. In this episode, a JournalTalk listener shares her immense grief over her mom’s absence for the past 4+ years, […]

Q&A: “Which Color of Ink Will Take Away My Blues?”

A quick Google search on the term “journaling” will offer at least one measure of social proof that there’s healing power in writing. But can journal-writing really help with long-lasting sadness? Can it cure, or at least relieve depression? Susan Borkin, author, licensed psychotherapist, and pioneer in the field of journal therapy, joins me in answering […]

Q&A: “How Can Journaling Calm My Anxiety?”

It seems that the questions I’m receiving from listeners about journal-writing are becoming more numerous, more interesting, and more specific as this program continues. I’ve been saving a select handful having to do with psychological conditions for a co-host like Susan Borkin, a psychotherapist who shares my belief in the therapeutic value of journaling. Here […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Difference Between Self-Analyzing and Self-Awareness?”

Tom asks, “Is there ever a time I would write in my journal when I’m not analyzing something?” To many, keeping a journal is a great tool and practice for problem-solving, so it might be natural to think that’s the only time to visit the blank page. Many people have also used journaling as a practice in […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Best Time of Day for Journal-Writing?”

During a NINETY-DAY journal-writing challenge this winter, where I met a new friend “Wizzy” (Janet Wiszowaty), I was asked “the time of day” question again, so I thought I’d make a short episode about it. What’s the best time of day to make your journal entries? Early Morning is ideal for writing about your hopes or desires for […]

Journaling Questions & Answers

Q&A: “What is a Journaling Challenge?”

It seems that everywhere you turn, someone is offering yet another challenge. Doesn’t life bring us enough challenges without having to invent more? Today’s journaling question was asked innocently by someone who wanted to understand “What is a journal-writing challenge?” My friend Jayde Gilmore of Wings Life Coaching returns to the co-host microphone to help me […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “(How) Do You Ask People to Share Their Journal Writing?”

Leslie, a friend and co-facilitator of journaling workshops in Thousand Oaks, California asks, “When leading a journal workshop, should you read your own private journal as a way to invite others to share their own writing?” A journal-writing workshop is an ideal place to discuss the context and content of your own journal. On one hand, it’s […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “How Can Journaling Help Me Get My Book Finished?”

Publishing for a public audience and keeping a private journal are two spheres of a Venn diagram that do, in my opinion, have a very interesting intersection. This episode, long-time JournalTalk listener Nestor asks, “How can journaling help me through the process of publishing my book?” Janet Wiszowaty, a Jack Canfield success trainer, joins me in sharing tips […]

Journaling Questions & Answers

Q&A: “How Do You Keep Your Journal Secret?”

One of the deepest fears people have about keeping a journal is having their privacy violated. And rightly so. For most of us, privacy ensures safety. And only in a space of complete safety can we allow ourselves to be vulnerably honest. Journal-writing is valuable only to the degree we are willing to honestly explore ourselves and our most precious desires. Whether […]

JournalTalk Q&A Journal Writing Coach

Q&A: “What if I Hate to Write?”

This episode is dedicated to my brother Dan, and his Number One Reason for not taking my journal-writing suggestions. He’s my biggest fan, but admits, “I hate writing!” Kim Ades with Frame of Mind Coaching joins me with a response to Dan (and all those who say “thanks but no thanks” to journaling). The key is to […]

JournalTalk Q&A Journal Writing Coach

Q&A: “What Makes Journaling So Powerful?”

We’ve heard the 101 reasons to keep a journal, and all the benefits of journal-writing: mental clarity, emotional balance, even physical healing. Today’s question addresses HOW journaling can provide all these benefits. Kim Ades from Frame of Mind Coaching helps me deconstruct the journaling process, and identify what it is about capturing thoughts that makes journaling so […]