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Journaling with Joy(ce Chapman)!

JT_JoyceChapman_readingYou can hear my enthusiasm in the intro of this week’s episode, because it’s a profound pleasure to have Joyce Chapman finally appear on JournalTalk.

Joyce’s history and wisdom in Journal-writing goes back further than anyone else I’ve met. And she summarizes all of it in single sentence: “Journal to know yourself.” She’s convinced that sticking with the practice will always lead you back to “who you want to be when you grow up.”

A teacher, author of multiple books and workbooks, keynote speaker, and a personal coach, Joyce has loves to infect others with her aura of magic in the possibility of possibility itself. I enjoyed hearing how she speaks with children about journal-writing, and her simple (but profound) journal writing prompt for all ages.Chapman_Book_Photo_Journaling4Joy

Exclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  Joyce has made available this free download, entitled “Tap Into Your Inner Knowing”, — a chapter from her book, Journaling for Joy — as her gift to you, and an invitation to learn more about her work. (JournalTalk, Episode #80, July 27, 2016)

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Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Difference Between Self-Analyzing and Self-Awareness?”

Janet and NathanTom asks, “Is there ever a time I would write in my journal when I’m not analyzing something?” To many, keeping a journal is a great tool and practice for problem-solving, so it might be natural to think that’s the only time to visit the blank page.

Many people have also used journaling as a practice in meditation or mindfulness, to enhance creativity, unlock the subconscious, or provide a whole array of benefits that weren’t prompted by a specific puzzle to solve.

Janet Wiszowaty of the Worldly Connektions radio show joins me in sharing many of the techniques and styles of journal-writing that help open or deepen self-awareness, even when there’s no precipitating problem. From letter-writing, Morning Pages, or stream-of-consciousness, to exploring feelings and needs, there are dozens of examples of how journaling can be more about noticing than analyzing.

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Your turn to answer: How do you use writing to practice mindfulness? How do you describe the difference between self-analyzing and self-awareness? Post your responses at the bottom of this webpage, in the comments section, or come join the Friends of JournalTalk Facebook community to share your unique perspective and tips regarding the question-of-the-week.

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Nathan Ohren on JournalTalk

Journaling for Mindfulness

Nathan Ohren, host of JournalTalk podcastAfter frantically rushing to get to my yoga class on time, I learned a big lesson in mindfulness.

In this 50th episode, I give a personal “fireside chat” about my true motivations for this podcast series. I describe the traits of people who live passionately and “on-purpose,” and reveal three simple habits that support them. 

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I’ve got some big plans coming together in Year Three of JournalTalk, and I’m looking to see who its supporters are. Please step forward, and demonstrate your voice with action. And thank you to everyone who already and so consistently does so! (JournalTalk, Episode #50, February 17, 2015)


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