Q&A: “Which Color of Ink Will Take Away My Blues?”

JTQA Susan and NathanA quick Google search on the term “journaling” will offer at least one measure of social proof that there’s healing power in writing. But can journal-writing really help with long-lasting sadness? Can it cure, or at least relieve depression?

Susan Borkin, author, licensed psychotherapist, and pioneer in the field of journal therapy, joins me in answering this second in a series of mental-health-and-journaling questions. Susan shares examples from her most recent book, The Healing Power of Writing.

The Healing Power of Writing, by Susan BorkinEveryone feels blue from time to time, and that’s natural. The tips discussed in this episode can help with occasional sadness or chronic. Writing might not replace a prescription medication for every person, but for those who are healthy enough to take charge of their pen or keyboard, it certainly can make a pointed difference.

Your turn to answer: Do you use journaling to help soothe any sadness, anxiety, grief, or depression?  Do you think doctors should prescribe the use of therapy journals?  Has writing ever proven to speed up your recovery time?  Post your responses in the comments section at the bottom of this webpage, or join the fans, followers and friends in the JournalTalk community, to share your unique perspective and tips regarding the question-of-the-week.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: “Which Color of Ink Will Take Away My Blues?”

  1. jamesglenora

    This article was interesting reading. I suppose it could be suggested that using journalling in this way to help you get back to regular commitments faster. If you were bored putting together some thoughts about what live is doing and where you are going with it that might provide some sustenance to your journal keeping or general writing needs.

  2. EddyC

    I have been journal for almost 40 years now (I’m 52 now). Journaling has help me get through many a blue moments in my life, I have journaled through depressions and life crisis. It does help to be able to write out all those sad and negative feelings. Yet, sometime words are not enough, something finding the right combination of words cannot be found in those moments of brief insanity and blue moods. Those are the times I turn to Art Journaling, sometimes when words are not enough–putting together a visual art (collage, drawing, coloring etc) allows me to bring forth what I could not articulate in words. Once the art journal is created, then I am able to journal with words again. This form of journaling allows me to pop the blues blisters–so to speak and move on.


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