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Q&A: “What if I Hate to Write?”

JournalTalk Q&A Journal Writing CoachThis episode is dedicated to my brother Dan, and his Number One Reason for not taking my journal-writing suggestions. He’s my biggest fan, but admits, “I hate writing!”

Kim Ades with Frame of Mind Coaching joins me with a response to Dan (and all those who say “thanks but no thanks” to journaling). The key is to stay focused on the practical accomplishments and desired outcomes.

Your turn to answer: Do you like the idea of journaling, but can’t seem to force yourself to write? How do you bring yourself to the blank page? What are the most inspiring goals you have for yourself right now? Post your responses at the bottom of this webpage, in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: “What if I Hate to Write?”

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Brad, I so agree. If journal-writing becomes just another item on your big “to-do list”, then you will probably not get much out of it. But, how do you help someone transform it from a “have-to-do” to a “want-to-do”? The conversation in this episode has an answer to that!


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