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Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “How Can Journaling Help Me Get My Book Finished?”

Janet and NathanPublishing for a public audience and keeping a private journal are two spheres of a Venn diagram that do, in my opinion, have a very interesting intersection. This episode, long-time JournalTalk listener Nestor asks, “How can journaling help me through the process of publishing my book?”

Janet Wiszowaty, a Jack Canfield success trainer, joins me in sharing tips and ideas about using a private writing practice to further the publishing process.

I’ve also interviewed several writers on previous episodes of this program, so I offer this list of related conversations which highlight different ways that journal-keeping have helped people succeed in the writing process:

Nestor also mentioned how transcription might help with the authoring process, and I’ve heard people experience great success with Dragon Dictation.

Your turn to answer: Has journaling helped you to complete a novel or other writing project? Does your diary deserve some credit for anything you’ve published?  Post your responses at the bottom of this webpage, in the comments section.

You may email your own journaling question to be featured on a future episode of JournalTalk. Or, pick up the telephone and leave a voicemail with your question at 1-805-751-6280. When your question is featured, we will send you a thank-you gift for sharing your voice! (JournalTalk Q&A, Episode #36, January 5, 2016)

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Jayde Gilmore on JournalTalk

Journaling for Transformation

Jayde Gilmore on JournalTalkThe most powerful promise of a journal-writing practice is its ability to transform any dilemma the writer is wrestling with into something completely new, approachable, and inspiring. This shift from oppression to opportunity, from turmoil to tranquility, hardly comes without practice, and is often accompanied by the guidance of a coach.

Jayde Gilmore is one such coach, and my guest expert this week. In this episode, we celebrate our “win” of NaNoWriMo (having written 50,000 words of a coherent story)! Our conversation also mingles through some of her earliest writing memories, and raises examples of writing for personal breakthrough.

Jayde will be a new voice on JournalTalk Q&A, joining me to answer your questions about journal-writing. She is also one of the talented sponsors (with Jackee Holder, Kay Adams, Lynda Monk, Carolyn Koehnline, Carrie Leigh Sandoval, and others) of the Looking Back, Looking Forward Journaling Kit, a three-part toolkit designed for transforming your experience of any milestone or life transition. It offers practical, bite-size steps for reviewing your journal for reflection and wisdom, and exercises for designing a compelling future. (JournalTalk, Episode #49, February 3, 2015)

Journal NotebookExclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  In this episode, I share some hints about a new service offering I am dreaming up. I invite your input in making it something truly worthwhile. In exchange for your ideas, you will be added to my VIP pre-launch, scheduled for later this year.



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