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In this site, you will find resources and motivation for (a) beginning a rewarding journaling practice of your own, and (b) getting the most personal growth and development from the time you spend in your journal.  We believe there are hundreds of reasons to keep a journal, and at least as many methods.  But people don’t keep a journal just for the sake of spending time.  There are techniques you can use to experience transformation in the quality of life.

For an introductory course on journaling, please check the page on Journaling Course Offerings.

About Nathan Ohren

photo by Allan Adaya

photo by Allan Adaya

I began Write4Life as an answer to a persistent question, “What should I do with my twenty-seven years of journal writings?”

For years, I’ve experienced the power of personal growth & development through journaling:  Getting clarity and confidence during challenging life experiences; Connecting to my passions and creativity; Uncovering buried or abandoned goals and dreams; and Keeping ever-mindful of a guiding purpose in life.  I have over forty private journals boxed away, each with compelling stories of anguish and ambition, of trials and triumph, of shame and insight.

Writing a novel or making a screenplay just never excited me.  Having people sit and watch a movie of my life-story just never felt like a noble end goal.  At age forty-one, during a course, Wisdom Unlimited, offered by Landmark Education, I finally realized what turned me on.

I want other people to experience the exciting passion, the calming clarity, and the connection to life’s purpose that I have found through journaling.  I have become a journaling coach, and proud to teach courses that transform the quality of life.

Nathan Ohren

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Barbara Murray

    found your comments very motivating and informative. Especially liked hearing the results from medical field on cancer and serious illness patients proving that it was very helpful to be able to express their feelings and fears to better cope and find encouragement and strength from within just by writing it all down. There is much strength to be gathered from the pen, especially when its one’s own.

    Good luck on your journaling journey and may you motivate and inspire many to join you in your journey.

  2. shirley ohren

    “I have over forty private journals boxed away, each with compelling stories of anguish and ambition, of trials and triumph, of shame and insight.” Nathan, I love this sentence. It speaks to being human and grants that not everything journaled will be beautiful, if we are to be true and honest with ourselves. This gives the writer courage to journal fully and honestly.

    Love you, finest boy. Shirley

  3. Tami Egbert

    Nathan, I liked your story explaining how your journey led you here. Your words always capture my attention and your passion for journaling definitely is apparent. Love you and so excited for you making this all happen for yourself!!!
    Yo sista’ Tami

  4. Tj

    Any recommendations on a Journal app that’s fully encrypted, allows me to sync encrypted to the cloud of my choosing, and works both on desktop, and mobile devices?

  5. Lorna Young

    I really like the podcasts but they are about 6 months behind on ITunes.
    Also, I tried clicking on the link to subscribe by email but the link isn’t valid. Please sign me up for the email alerts.
    You are doing good work. Keep it up.


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