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JournalTalk Q&A Journal Writing Coach

Q&A: “What Makes Journaling So Powerful?”

JournalTalk Q&A Journal Writing CoachWe’ve heard the 101 reasons to keep a journal, and all the benefits of journal-writing: mental clarity, emotional balance, even physical healing. Today’s question addresses HOW journaling can provide all these benefits.

Kim Ades from Frame of Mind Coaching helps me deconstruct the journaling process, and identify what it is about capturing thoughts that makes journaling so powerful. In short, we agreed that trapping our ideas into an inescapable storyline helps us to frame our experience in a useful way.

Soul of Success bookThis episode was the inspiration from which I wrote a chapter that got published into Jack Canfield’s newest book, “Soul of Success”. The chapter is titled, “The Secrets of Expressive Writing,” and explains why journaling helps people grow. You can order your copy of “Soul of Success” here.

Kim also advised how important journaling is to the results of any coaching relationship, and made a bold guarantee for her Frame of Mind Coaching program. For taking an online coaching assessment, you will receive a free coaching session that she guarantees will produce results. Let Kim know you heard about this on JournalTalk!  (JournalTalk Q&A, Episode #32, August 4, 2015)

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