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renzo“…transforming thoughts into well-defined, actionable goals!”

I hired Nathan for help with getting clarity about my life’s ambitions. I have a very demanding career, but always pondering my creative pursuits as well. Before I started working with Nathan, I was feeling frustrated and needed some validation about whether my ideas were worthwhile. I became weary to think that my life would play out in a predictable path, but too afraid to do anything different. Nathan’s coaching helped me to turn my inspirations into a concrete plan. With simple, but provoking prompts, Nathan gave me powerful tools to identify common themes across the wide range of my personal interests. By the end of just one week of exercises from Nathan, I felt as if all my passions came together in a unifying purpose. In today’s world of information overload, Nathan provides a clear, breakthrough formula for transforming inner thoughts into well defined, actionable goals!
Renzo Valverde, software implementation manager

“. . . I created productivity and vitality . . .”

“I so much appreciated finally having continuity with journaling (in our Passion, Clarity, and Purpose course). I have started journals countless times only to abandon them in time, leaving me feeling so defeated. This time there was a real structure present & I was not alone in the process. In Nathan’s course, I was able to expand my journaling, being complete every morning and engaged more fully in the rest of my daily activities. The result I created was productivity and vitality. This was grounding for me during a hectic time of transition. Nathan’s course facilitated a real experience of sacredness and freedom.”  — Sylvia Stratford, Fresno, CA

Gina Rae Hendrickson

Leslie – Offers Journal writing workshops


When I finished my Journal to the Self certification and started offering journal-writing workshops, I was uncertain about how to begin on my own. Even with the support of others online, I worried that I would not be able to make all the details come together. I sometimes even had doubts about whether my contributions would have an impact on others. Fortunately, I found Nathan, who coached me through the process, step-by-step. Together, we made a great workshop happen! With Nathan on my team, I became clear about my unique focus and strengths. Not only am I now offering great workshops on my own, but I am deeply satisfied that I am using my unique interests, talents and background. Finally, I can see ways to do what I love, and share it with others, because of Nathan’s wisdom and expert guidance. Thank you, Nathan!

Michael Gutierrez


I am a senior IT manager. While I like working with computer systems, my real passion is the creative arts: literature, music, movies, and theater. Before I took Nathan’s journaling course, I found journaling to be a pointless exercise, and writing itself to be a chore. I was frustrated about expressing my artistic ability. What I learned from Nathan’s course was how to let go of “the voice of judgement” and perfectionism. With his coaching, I learned how to just write and let it flow. Since I’ve taken Nathan’s journaling course I’ve learned to do this effortlessly, without even thinking about it. This has spilled over into my creative work and writing has become fun! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to him for rekindling my creative spirit. Thank you Nathan!

Stephen Van Vugt – singer, storyteller, and passionate journaler

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the Journal Talk podcasts you create.  Just over a year ago I got online in search of other journal writers and resources for journaling.  I had started as part of membership in the IAJW.  Since that time I’ve discovered your site, Lynda Monk, Dawn Herring and Kaizen Journaling among others.  Since you’ve started Journal Talk, you’ve interviewed just about everyone of these great journal innovators!  It’s been truly amazing to hear them talk and learn more about their journals, their processes and their offerings through Journal Talk.  Keep it up!  I love that there is a great community of journal writers online and that you are doing such a great job to promote them through the podcast.

Luisa Tanno – personal development blogger

My dream life has always been rich and vivid, so recording and exploring my dreams more deeply sounded great, and it was! Nathan is a kind and passionate Host. He conducted the workshop through weekly conference calls and a group Facebook page. At first this threw me. I hold tight to my security blanket of introversion and wasn’t sure I wanted to … gulp… talk to people. I write this with a big smile because the group interaction was my favorite aspect of the experience! My fellow dreamers were truly wonderful.

We recorded our dreams regularly in our journals and each week we had an additional assignment. We learned a way to analyze dreams that was completely personal to our own experience and extremely useful. Listening to Nathan take one person through a dream and then talk them through the analysis was spellbinding. We all learned so much just from listening.

Jessica-JensenJessica Jensen – footwear and marketing expert

This was an absolutely fabulous course. Nathan gave me new tools to analyze my dreams, and being able to share them with others was incredibly valuable as they picked up on themes and insights that applied to my real life. I’ve been able to see facets of myself and my personality, and situations in my life in a non-judgmental, and exploratory way. By allowing myself to be multi-faceted, I see others as more than just good, or evil. This course has helped me see dimensions of myself, and others.

Sandra Eacret – Toastmaster and Puppeteer

A welcome and fresh perspective on my dreams and myself. Nathan’s coaching style and content are unique and helpful as I continue my journaling practice. He makes it fun and interesting in new ways. His course has helped me to be more accepting of myself, by understanding that dreams are a dialogue with myself, an attempt by my subconscious self to encourage myself and help me grow. I now understand how my dreams reveal different parts of myself which need my attention.

Karin V.Karin Vitatoe – Actor, Singer, Puppeteer

I joined the course to get back into journaling. The task of each assignment was an incentive to open my journal every morning, which prompted me to get back in the habit of writing again! I love the new way of interpreting my dreams and the habit of writing in my journal again. I like to share my dreams/stories and I love to write. This reawakened my passion for journaling. And what fun in interpreting dreams.

Mari L. McCarthyMari L. McCarthy – Singer, Songwriter, Journaling Coach

I loved everything about the Dream Journaling Course. Nathan knew his subject matter and was an excellent facilitator and presenter. I loved interacting with my fellow journalers on the calls and in our online Facebook group. His insights and ideas really helped me go places with my dream and day life that I never, ever considered. It made me realize that dreaming is part of me, a tool/resource to help me know and grow my life and that dream journaling not just an analytical exercise. Nathan’s Dream Journaling Course exceeded my expectations. His information and ideas were practical and I was able to remember dreams in detail and learn more about myself from the first week! Thank you Nathan!


Nathan engages participants during the weekly calls making everyone feel part of the group. He provides website links and other tips to support his teachings which provides additional information that he may not have time to cover during the live call.

Musical JuanJuan – Student, Singer, Songwriter

The Passion, Clarity, Purpose course helped me keep on track with journaling because it made me realize who I am as a person. I’ve been a person who gives up with everything I start. And so with this course, I got a chance to look at myself really deeply and I said to myself that this is going to be a thing that I’m not giving up on. Thank you so much, Nathan, for introducing me to this journaling process because without you I would have never picked up a journal and started expressing myself all the many things that were blocked up in my head.

Sylvia Stratford

Being really honest in my journal opened up inauthentic ways of being in my family life. Putting into words how put off I am over small everyday stuff was very confronting for me & it helped me to sort out what is really my own incomplete past. Every day became another real opportunity to choose what I desired for me & my life that would bring joy, peace & commitment. My husband has told me over & over again how much I have changed. He is actually quite astonished.

I appreciated so much finally having continuity with journaling. I have started journals countless times only to abandon them in time, leaving me feeling so defeated. This time there was a real structure present & I was not alone in the process. I was able to expand being complete every morning into the rest of my daily activities which created productivity & vitality. This was grounding during a time when I am still transitioning into my new house and exceptionally scattered (feels like being split). There is a real sacredness to this experience of being freed from all of that discomfort.

Jewel Stam – teacher

I appreciate the artist’s date and nurturing the soul, because if it is impoverished we are symptomatic.

The book was a balm to the soul to read.

I felt like I was telling the truth on the page and it has spilled into my life to tell the truth. I have been able to tell the truth, but there sure are layers. We can lose our compass with the Busyness. It helped me feel connected to a community so I wasn’t journaling alone, kind of like bowling alone. I did enjoy commentary.

Jose Alfaro – business owner, marathon runner

Jose-AlfaroI got so much from Nathan’s course, and yet I feel like I am just scratching the surface. This course has got me back in the habit of consistently writing for myself which is huge. I also gained a lot of clarity on things, and it gave me an outlet to express myself in an authentic fashion.




Anne Lednicer – Executive Assistant, artist

I have been able to make daily journaling a priority with the help of our journaling community. My journal speaks what is true to me, and helps bring clarity to challenging situations that come up now and then. Sometimes it’s a source of fun! I’ve learned to be more generous with my self, and that wherever I am, I’m right where I need to be at any moment. I’ve written about love, and truth, and nonsense– no restrictions!

Kathy Lynch – Accountant, singer, entrepreneur

This course (and Nathan) have contributed in many ways to my path of growth. Some of these are known, but I can sense some ways are even unknown to me at this time. My ability to open up and unwind past feelings and ideas that were previously locked and immovable is now accessible. These locked-down, self-limiting concepts are now opening, thanks to my journaling practice and this course. I am becoming more aware of areas that I can grow and I attribute this to the journaling.

Sandy – school teacher, salesperson, blogger

I think the course is excellent just the way you’ve designed it, Nathan! I believe in Einstein’s comment that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, and that God has led me to your online journaling course for great reason, my friend.

Vidita Deshpande – student, culinary scientist

The Passion, Clarity, Purpose course gave me such great learning about myself; it gave me a chance to practice handling difficult situations and gave me courage to face them. This allowed me to make important choices/changes in my life so that my future looks much brighter to me. Profound, positive change!!!

Paras MamaniaParas Mamania – branding coach, software specialist

I have had a first hand experience with Nathan’s coaching about Dream Journaling and let me tell you, it is one of the best things that has happened to me. I was initially skeptical about being able to recall dreams. I even tried to convince Nathan that I didn’t dream! But slowly and surely, I am now more aware of my dreams and exploring the dream world has opened up new possibilities for me. I highly recommend this course to everyone. Go for it!!!