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Q&A: “What is a Journaling Challenge?”

Journaling Questions & AnswersIt seems that everywhere you turn, someone is offering yet another challenge. Doesn’t life bring us enough challenges without having to invent more? Today’s journaling question was asked innocently by someone who wanted to understand “What is a journal-writing challenge?”

My friend Jayde Gilmore of Wings Life Coaching returns to the co-host microphone to help me deconstruct the idea of pushing yourself to new levels of passion, clarity and purpose. We mentioned several resources, including:

  • The (free) 5-day Journaling Through Transition challenge. Develop your intuition and internal guidance system during times of stress and change. An audio workbook and five sample prompts guide you to consider your present milestones and transitions. Optionally, you may extend this to a 30-day challenge.
  • The (free) 30-day Digital Journaling Challenge. Discover for yourself whether tapping your thoughts is as effective as writing longhand. Get tips on using electronic journal apps and a variety of prompts for 30 days. This research paper co-authored by Nathan Ohren and Kathleen Adams (founder and CEO of The Center for Journal Therapy) outlines some amazing insights captured by the first 1500 participants of the Challenge.
  • The Greater Good in Action challenges. Science-based practices you can adopt for a meaningful life. This site includes doable steps to increase awe, compassion, kindness, empathy, and many other life-enriching traits.

Your turn to answer: What are the ways you’ve challenged yourself with writing? What have you learned from your own private writing practice? Do you find ways to stretch yourself with writing, or do you simply write when the mood strikes? Post your responses in the comments section at the bottom of this webpage, or join the fans, followers and friends in the JournalTalk community, to share your unique perspective and tips regarding the question-of-the-week.

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