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Journaling Workshops

gorgeous view with Anne Frank quote

Knapps Castle, Santa Barbara, CA

We offer coaching workshops in a journaling technique for beginners as well as advanced journaling.  The courses are designed to be taken at your own schedule and convenience, and do not require classroom attendance.  Courses typically last three to six weeks in duration, and can be taken back-to-back, or as-needed during the year.  Courses include weekly conference calls for coaching and check-ins, journaling tips, writing prompts, and suggested readings to support you in maintaining motivation, and ensure students get the most out of the time invested in their journal.

Course Descriptions

Six Weeks to Building a Journaling Habit

For beginners and returning students, this course will help “train the brain” in keeping a steady, rewarding journaling routine.  Students are encouraged to create a discipline of daily, hand-written entries, identify and explore daily thoughts, feelings, judgements, and opinions.  Emphasis is placed on stream-of-consciousness journaling, and learning to identify and thank the inner critic.  What first seems like surface-level observation quickly becomes the stuff of life worth recording in a journal.

Six Weeks to Clarity, Passion & Purpose

This workshop is for those who have started (or are returning to) a daily journaling practice, and want to deepen their exercise.  Students are given tools to (re)discover and explore what matters most to them, by becoming experts in noticing the ordinary and mundane.  The journal is a perfect place to examine where we are stopped from experiencing the freedom, passion, and self-confidence we yearn for.  Journaling in this way provides access to one’s transformation and personal growth.

Workshop Pricing

Journaling workshops vary in price.  Please see the “Specials” tab for current and best prices available.  Special discounts are available for groups of five or more people.  Returning students are also eligible for a discount.


Course Schedule

Our next 3-week series “Getting Started, Staying Started” begins December 1, 2013.  Our signature “Passion, Clarity & Purpose” course begins in January 2014.  We are excited to share with you more information, or answer any questions you might have.

Please see the Courses & Events Calendar for additional upcoming courses available.  Leave a comment below with any questions you have.

3 thoughts on “Journaling Workshops

  1. Robin Haar

    Do you have an idea of when Passion, Clarity, and Purpose will be offered again? (And the cost?) Thanks ver much. Robin

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Hello Robin, and thank you for your interest. I have a lot of energy tied up into the upcoming Dream Journaling online workshop, so I will have to (sadly) postpone the Passion, Clarity, Purpose journaling workshop until about Spring of next year 2015. Please be sure you’re on my mailing list so that you get updates, announcements and special offers!

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