Getting Started, Staying Started with Write4Life

Getting Started, Staying Started

Get Started, Stay Started ~
A Three-Session Workshop

Learn how to keep consistent and perpetually inspired!

The result of this course is to leave you with tools and methods for maintaining your enthusiasm in any area of life. It is designed to be your jumper cable for establishing a routine writing practice, or any new habit. Learn to fill your toolbelt with countless ways to fuel your inspiration, so you stay consistent with new resolutions.

Three audio sessions, hosted by Nathan Ohren, serve as guided material to accompany your journey.  Nathan is the host of JournalTalk, a bi-weekly podcast offering expert advice for living with passion, clarity and purpose.

Included:  The Journal-Writer’s Guide to Staying Started (an e-workbook) and three, coaching audio sessions are provided for this course, a value of over $75.00.

Guaranteed outcome: In this course, you will choose a specific activity that is important to you, begin it on a specific date, and become your own source of inspiration and enthusiasm for continued action in that area.

Testimonial from past student: “I have started journals countless times only to abandon them in time, leaving me feeling so defeated. This time there was a real structure, and I was not alone in the process. In Nathan’s course, I was able to expand my journaling, being complete every morning and engaged more fully in the rest of my daily activities. The result I created was productivity and vitality. This was grounding for me during a hectic time of transition. Nathan’s course facilitated a real experience of sacredness and freedom.”  – Sylvia Stratford, Fresno, CA


Course Price: Use the code “JOURNALTALK” at checkout for $10 discount: