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Journaling for Mindfulness

Nathan Ohren, host of JournalTalk podcastAfter frantically rushing to get to my yoga class on time, I learned a big lesson in mindfulness.

In this 50th episode, I give a personal “fireside chat” about my true motivations for this podcast series. I describe the traits of people who live passionately and “on-purpose,” and reveal three simple habits that support them. 

Completing a second year of JournalTalk, I make a straight-forward request to all who are listening: If you have enjoyed this program, please show your support by spreading the word. Here are a few suggestions to help broaden the reach of this work:

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I’ve got some big plans coming together in Year Three of JournalTalk, and I’m looking to see who its supporters are. Please step forward, and demonstrate your voice with action. And thank you to everyone who already and so consistently does so! (JournalTalk, Episode #50, February 17, 2015)


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5 thoughts on “Journaling for Mindfulness

  1. Renaissance Renee

    This is the first podcast I have listened to. I think your three points about people who seem to live with passion, clarity and purpose are spot on. I especially liked the idea of sharing gifts that contribute to others’ growth. I don’t know if this is weird, but I could not think of anyone I know who manifests passion, clarity and purpose. However these are qualities for which I yearn. Thanks for the insights.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Hi, Renee. Thanks for making the choice to give JournalTalk a listen. I’m glad you enjoyed the content. Usually I give a little more time for the actual practice of writing, so give some other episodes a try, and I hope you enjoy them equally well. I think now that you’re thinking about “people who live passionately on-purpose” you may find that you do know a few — or, even if not, if it’s what you’re yearning for, then you’ll likely be an inspiration to others! Thanks for taking the time to write.

  2. Bree

    I listen to Journal Talk for inspiration! Your guests always have insight into why we journal and cool ideas about how to journal, from pen and paper to digital diaries; from prompts to free writing to structured methods. I love your voice and your humor and warm-heartedness. Conversations with your guests are engaging and interesting. Your show is structured well with the music and breaks and lead-in to the main topic. I sense your passion and excitement for journaling and it rubs off on me as a listener! Thank you for doing this. I’ll rate you 5 stars in iTunes.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Bree, many thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad to hear the format is working for you, and I do appreciate your 5-star written review in iTunes. This will help to spread the word. Most of all, it’s rewarding to know all this is inspiring others, and my choices for guests, and music, etc. are offering a helpful experience! Best wishes to you, keep in touch, and keep on writing! ~Nathan

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