Nathan Ohren on JournalTalk

Journaling for Mindfulness

After frantically rushing to get to my yoga class on time, I learned a big lesson in mindfulness. In this 50th episode, I give a personal “fireside chat” about my true motivations for this podcast series. I describe the traits of people who live passionately and “on-purpose,” and reveal three simple habits that support them.  Completing a […]

Journaling as a Practice in Mindfulness

Journaling is often compared to the habit of meditation. Many journal-writers report receiving the same benefits as those who practice meditation on a regular basis: Stress relief, an increased ability to focus, self-understanding, awareness of inner dialogue, and clarity of thought, to name a few. Here’s a simple exercise you can try as a journaling […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Difference Between Self-Analyzing and Self-Awareness?”

Tom asks, “Is there ever a time I would write in my journal when I’m not analyzing something?” To many, keeping a journal is a great tool and practice for problem-solving, so it might be natural to think that’s the only time to visit the blank page. Many people have also used journaling as a practice in […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Best Time of Day for Journal-Writing?”

During a NINETY-DAY journal-writing challenge this winter, where I met a new friend “Wizzy” (Janet Wiszowaty), I was asked “the time of day” question again, so I thought I’d make a short episode about it. What’s the best time of day to make your journal entries? Early Morning is ideal for writing about your hopes or desires for […]

JournalTalk Logo with Emmanuel Dauger

Writing to Notice the Everyday Miracles

Having grown up in the throes of conflict and controversy in the Middle East, Emmanuel Dagher learned to turn hardships into inspiration, adversity into empowerment. Emmanuel is known online as a spiritual teacher and healer, who offers transformation in the areas of relationship, prosperity, and more. In this podcast, he shares some of his style and techniques; and, […]