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When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes!

Susan Borkin on JournalTalkMy guest this week was pioneering the field of writing therapy before such a field even existed, and long before the word “journaling” became an internet buzzword. Susan Borkin continues to make a difference for seekers of healing through words, as a psychotherapist and author of books including: When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes, and Writing From The Inside Out. Her newest book, The Healing Power of Writing: A Therapist’s Guide to Using Journaling With Clients, contains a practical collection of exercises for anyone interested in personal transformation.

The Healing Power of Writing, by Susan BorkinOur conversation knocked on the doors of many interesting questions. Are some people more affected by the power of words than others? How did the practice of psychotherapy promote the notion of writing to heal? What was the origin of the “Aha!” moment? Is writing therapy more effective than talk therapy? You won’t want to miss the unique journal-writing exercise that Susan shares with her clients to reduce anxiety and manage unrealistic fears.

When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes (by Susan Borkin)Exclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners: Listen to this episode for details about receiving a copy of Susan Borkin’s book When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes absolutely free. (JournalTalk, Episode #67, January 26, 2016)

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9 thoughts on “When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes!

  1. SandraE

    The exercise “Write 3 Good Things” was my favorite takeaway from this podcast. I heard several other good ideas, too. I checked Susan’s website and blog and intend to follow the blog. It inspired me to write creatively!

  2. Hector Garcia

    I have been searching for a new job, and I was feeling the usual cycles of anxiety, frustration, and disappointment that are common. I met Nathan only a week ago, and we had a virtual meeting for tips on getting an interview. I was astonished that in just a very short time, Nathan was able to understand my situation, and help me identify clear actions that not only increase my chances of being invited to an interview, but would help me perform in an interview with greater confidence and ease. Nathan guided me to some insights I would not have found on my own, and left me with a strong follow-up plan so I feel more in-control of my job hunt instead of feeling like I’m trying to win a lottery. Thanks, Nathan! Guess what? Today, I got TWO JOB OFFERS!

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