Journals Have Feelings, Too!


This podcast series is a way to create and share within a community of people who have remarkable stories of growth and healing through journal-writing.  And the more I look for examples, the more incredible and numerous they come!

This week’s guest is Carrie Leigh Sandoval, author of Journals Have Feelings, Too!  In this episode, we discuss her book and the ways that journaling helped her through the dramas and traumas of her adolescence.  It’s no wonder that Carrie’s passion is empowering youth, showing them how to find, release, and heal past wounds, and replace them with new beliefs.  She also offers online coaching for teens and their parents.

Carrie is also a Law of Attraction coach, and after she shared what that means, she took me on a short journey to fulfill an intention of my own creation.  In turn, I used that as an example for another journaling exercise together!  So grab your journals and tune in as Carrie shares The Law of Attraction!  (JournalTalk, Episode #10, July 8, 2013)

Music: Alexander L’Estrange / Joanna Forbes ”Ooh Yeah”
Voiceover: Kym Maher
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4 thoughts on “Journals Have Feelings, Too!

  1. Carrie

    Hey Nathan, thanks again for inviting me to come to the show! You’ve started something really spectacular and I am so honored and excited to be part of it! I wanted to also share my FREE report for listeners who happen to be parents. It’s called “The 5 Things Every Teen Wishes Their Parents Would Know” and can be downloaded at It teaches parents how to shift their energy so that they can open up the lines of communication with their kids. It also shows parents how to support their children who are suffering from drug addiction and self harm by teaching them how to transform their beliefs.

  2. Nathan Ohren Post author

    Excellent, Carrie! Thanks for the comments, and I’m really glad to be building community with you. Looking forward to working together more, to raise consciousness and spread healing and transformation!

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