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Journaling Questions & Answers

Q&A: “How Can Journaling Be Used As Meditation?”

Journaling Questions & AnswersMapping the inner journey. Mindful reflection. Developing awareness. Sharpening perception. These are some of the ways people refer to their writing practice. Is it true that journal-writing can be used as a kind of meditation?

Jayde and I take turns with examples we have used, and share ways that have helped others. For example: incorporate breathing, nature, and focusing your senses on the present moment.

Your turn to answer: Have you found journal-writing to be a meditative routine, or can it enhance meditation? What are your tips or techniques? Post your responses at the bottom of this webpage, in the comments section.

You may email your own journaling question to be featured on a future episode of JournalTalk. Or, pick up the telephone and leave a voicemail with your question at 1-805-751-6280 (only normal toll charges may apply). When your question is featured, we will send you a thank-you gift for sharing your voice! (JournalTalk Q&A, Episode #29, June 23, 2015)

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Ten Journaling Prompts for Self Love

Guest post by Carrie Leigh Sandoval

Journaling is an act of self love. Each time you choose to explore your inner reality, you are sending a powerful signal to your subconscious mind – “I am worth knowing.”  Many of us grew up believing it was our job to please others, to be selfless and not speak up about our opinions. This is one of the reasons I began journaling in the first place. It was the one place I could just be and feel at peace. What led you to journaling? Think about it for a moment. Then feel why it is so valuable to you.

The reason many of us start a new habit and don’t follow through with it is because we don’t feel worthy. We may say we don’t have time or energy, but the truth is, underneath all that is actually “I’m not worth the time and/or energy.”

But you are. I am too. And when we cultivate love for ourselves we give others permission to do so too. That’s how we change the world!

If you notice you’re breaking a commitment to yourself, recognize it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and decide to do something different. You could spend the time you would have spent beating yourself up doing something more productive — like journaling! 🙂

Speaking of journaling, here are 10 prompts to fill yourself up with love:

  1. The top ten things that bring me peace are:
  2. When I am at peace with myself I feel . . .
  3. Ten ways I already show love for myself are:
  4. Ten new ideas to show myself I am worthy and deserving of love . . . (then, commit to doing at least one of these things today)
  5. I acknowledge my successes. Here are 20 things I’ve accomplished that made me feel awesome:
  6. Oops, I made a mistake. I forgive myself for:
  7. Here’s how I know I’m on the right track:
  8. Here are all the reasons I deserve love:
  9. I’m so great because…
  10. When I am feeling confident, this is how my world looks and flows:

By choosing to write on a regular basis, you are literally retraining your consciousness. Sometimes our brains resist change, but know it’s just something that happens naturally. Yet, each time you choose something different you are reprogramming your mind for success and abundance because you’re telling it – “I am worthy of love.”


CarrieSandovalCarrie is a loving momma, journaling expert, law of attraction coach and author of “Journals Have Feelings Too: A Guidebook for Writing Your Way Back to Sanity.” Her healing journey began at the age of 14 when she had nowhere else to turn, but her journal. The discoveries she made about herself during this trying time later became the fuel for her passion. She is now guiding young women and their parents to transform their beliefs about themselves and the world so that they can live confidently and joyfully.

Connect with Carrie at her website for awesome blog posts and journaling prompts + sign up for a free chapter from her book!

Journals Have Feelings, Too!


This podcast series is a way to create and share within a community of people who have remarkable stories of growth and healing through journal-writing.  And the more I look for examples, the more incredible and numerous they come!

This week’s guest is Carrie Leigh Sandoval, author of Journals Have Feelings, Too!  In this episode, we discuss her book and the ways that journaling helped her through the dramas and traumas of her adolescence.  It’s no wonder that Carrie’s passion is empowering youth, showing them how to find, release, and heal past wounds, and replace them with new beliefs.  She also offers online coaching for teens and their parents.

Carrie is also a Law of Attraction coach, and after she shared what that means, she took me on a short journey to fulfill an intention of my own creation.  In turn, I used that as an example for another journaling exercise together!  So grab your journals and tune in as Carrie shares The Law of Attraction!  (JournalTalk, Episode #10, July 8, 2013)

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