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Stop Drifting, Start Living

Jami McQuivey on JournalTalkI’ve often said on this program: Journaling is a process, not a product; a journey not the destination. This week, meet Jami McQuivey, an author, coach and speaker who is on that perpetual journey of self-discovery, constantly realizing new dreams. 

Her first book, Stop Drifting, Start Living containing twenty-two lessons from her travels in China, is being updated and revised. Meanwhile, she has written another, God-Centered Sensational Sex, which is also a course she teaches onboard a cruise ship. Get your tickets right here!

An active member in her church and community, Jami shares how a journal-writing ritual has helped her to connect with her teenage son. She compares journaling to yoga and meditation, for getting clarity and courage to walk the path to which you are drawn. Sometimes that means creating a new path, instead of living up to cookie-cutter expectations. 

God-Centered Sensational SexExclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  Jami and her husband are going cruising to the Caribbean for some God-centered sensational sex. Anyone who books the same cruise can attend her course for free. Mention Nathan Ohren or the JournalTalk podcast and you will receive a discount of $200 per person ($400 per couple). Come learn how to create and enjoy sensational sex (the way God intended) on Norwegian luxury cruise with your sweetheart while enjoying world class entertainment, delicious food and sunny beaches. (JournalTalk, Episode #73, April 17, 2016)

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