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Beyond Journaling: The World Needs Your Message

Doug Foresta on JournalTalkA key distinction that sets journaling apart from all other forms of creative expression is privacy. In this episode, we take a step beyond. My guest, Doug Foresta, believes firmly in the benefits of private journal-writing, and yet also urges us, “the world needs our voice and our gifts.”

Producer and host of Creating Change on Empower Radio and The Coachzing Show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, Doug has been a podcasting mentor to me and thousands of others who yearn to share their message and transform lives. 

In a particularly poignant moment of our conversation, Doug asks, “Why do you suppose that we find human beings scribing their stories, as far back as the Cavemen?” Indeed, what is it about our species that craves the telling and retelling of our experiences? 

Doug has developed a five-step method he calls Transformative Journaling, and in this episode, he shares one key prompt idea that he uses to get “un-stuck”. I always appreciate his perspective, and the theme of sharing our gifts with others, which he weaves through all his work in the world.

Exclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  If you are curious about what it might take for you to start a podcast series, or if you are exploring ways to further market your brand, Doug has made a very generous offer to everyone in the JournalTalk community. If you email Doug directly and mention that you heard him on JournalTalk, he will schedule with you a free, 30-minute coaching conversation to help you identify whether podcasting could benefit you, and some steps to get started. (JournalTalk, Episode #74, May 3, 2016)

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