Mari McCarthy featured on “Chaos Into Creativity” website

Carrie Leigh Sandoval’s website has a new look and feel.  Her motto “Chaos Into Creativity” is a superb way to describe a powerful benefit of journaling.  Recently, Mari McCarthy made a guest post, to share about the “Twelve Days of Morning Pages” program:

Whether or not you’re a “morning person,” you probably agree that those first few moments after you wake up are a different kind of consciousness. You might feel a little foggy-headed, for instance, half still in dreamland, if you’re the type that operates best in the latter part of the day. If you’re an “A” type of personality, you may feel most sharp in the early morning.

Either way, it’s a special time. Maybe you can find new discoveries in your semi-dreaming awareness; or those of you who wake up raring to go probably benefit from the thoughts and plans that come to you first thing in the morning. So this post is a suggestion to use those early moments for something truly transformative.

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