Elizabeth Schwyzer on JournalTalk

Write From The Body Workshops

What’s the connection between the mind and the body when it comes to writing? How might moving our bodies affect the way we feel, think, and express ourselves through language? JournalTalk listeners are in for a treat this week. Elizabeth Schwyzer, freelance writer, newspaper arts editor, and dance critic, shares a special exercise in this […]

Journaling for the Care of My Body

We kick off 2015 with a guest who shares tremendous encouragement for expressing our creativity, and discovering what lights us up. Luisa Tanno is an instructor in many disciplines, including dance, yoga, and writing. I open this episode with some confession about my own vulnerability, and share some ideas that I’m using to incorporate my BODY […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Best Time of Day for Journal-Writing?”

During a NINETY-DAY journal-writing challenge this winter, where I met a new friend “Wizzy” (Janet Wiszowaty), I was asked “the time of day” question again, so I thought I’d make a short episode about it. What’s the best time of day to make your journal entries? Early Morning is ideal for writing about your hopes or desires for […]

Laura Probert

Journal-Writing for the Warrior’s Soul

Meeting extraordinary people like Laura Probert is my favorite part of producing these JournalTalk podcast episodes. A black belt in taekwondo, Laura is trained in physical therapy, and calls herself a warrior healing expert. She wrote about her own healing journey in Living, Healing and Taekwondo, and today, she is a teacher for people who are fed […]

Thai Nguyen on JournalTalk podcast

Journaling Promotes a Voice of Authenticity

JournalTalk has offered me the pleasure of interviewing some interesting people. People who have developed a habit of asking themselves tough questions, listening to the voice(s) within, and staying present to the answers that unfold. This week’s guest is a great example of such a guy. Thai Nguyen writes with a candid, authentic voice. His articles […]


Choose which option you prefer. Both options include the 9 incredible interviews with the fun and enlightening masters of writing practice. Both options invite you to experience a deeper connection with your journal writing. NINE INTERVIEWS (MP3 audio recordings)with Ruth Folit and journal-writing experts: Louise DeSalvo Natalie Goldberg Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg John Evans Susan Borkin Mark […]

Celebrate JournalWriting


LISTEN TO THESE 9 JOURNAL-WRITING WIZARDS OF WISDOM Ruth Folit, founder of IAJW, interviews these nine incredible and accomplished writers on the subject of journal-writing. Each session reveals unique access points for deepening your own writing practice. You not only get to know these people more intimately, but learn how their writing has carried them […]

101 Reasons Book Image

What Starting a Website on Journaling Taught Me About Journaling

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime. (Have the guy start a fishing school and… well…!) It’s been almost three years since I started Easy Journaling. And the reason I want to share about the lessons I’ve learned is because they’ve […]

JournalTalk answers your questions about journaling

Q&A: “Does Blogging Count As Journaling?”

Mari L. McCarthy joins me as we answer your questions on journal-writing. This week, we answer a blogger’s question: Does my blogging count as journaling?  Mari and I should have stated a humorous caveat to our answer, “It depends on whether anybody is reading your blog!” Feel free to write your comments below with more of your questions, or […]

One-Year Celebration of JournalTalk

Happy First Anniversary! This episode is dedicated to you, the JournalTalk listeners, and all your collective wisdom about journaling. We’ve been podcasting together, talking about journaling, for twelve months, and I’m sharing voice messages from fans across the world. Another celebration: I’ve completed my instructor certification from the Center for Journal Therapy, and now taking […]

Journaling with Ho, Ho, Ho! (Holistic Holiday Health!)

The Oprah of Therapeutic Journaling is back again, and just in time — with good tidings for our health and well-being during this holiday season. In this episode, Mari L. McCarthy and I discuss a full range of topics: from the upcoming journaling challenges being offered at CreateWriteNow; to the power of mindful eating; to […]

Get Your 2014 On, Starting Now!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions the same way you make birthday wishes? Someone puts a cake in front of you with candles, and in the moment you feel inspired to make a wish. You blow out the candles, everybody cheers, and the next thing you know you’re eating cake and laughing with your friends. Your birthday wish is […]

Hi, I’m Nathan Ohren, and I’m happy to welcome you here. Please enjoy this site’s many resources, including: Listen to experts in the podcasts Read blog posts from influential journalers Take a journal-writing workshop or contact me for 1:1 coaching. Shop a variety of journal-writing books   Subscribe for free, and receive a summary of new JournalTalk […]

Transform Your Health: Write To Heal (by John Evans)

Transform Your Health: Write To Heal – Duke Integrative Medicine

Join John Evans, MAT, MA, EdD for a transformative 6-week workshop using his landmark approach to healing. Discover opportunities for renewed health by accessing your inner healing voice.

Do you know that writing can help you to heal?

Research tells us that expressive writing has the power to help us transform our physical, mental, and spiritual health. In fact expressive writing has been proven to:

  • Decrease the heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhance breathing
  • Strengthen the immune system so that it can better fight off infection
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Help manage stress

Writing can help us face our most difficult challenges with past or present experiences and even future challenges.  Put another way, when we write we can gain perspective on our circumstances, we provide provident information to our body, and we engage our internal healing resources.

During this 6-week workshop, John Evans will coach participants through a simple progression of exercises he has developed from his more than 25 years of working in the field.  Participation requires neither any prior writing experience nor any aspiration to become a writer.  In fact, the practices simply cultivate your natural and easy ability to express the ideas that define who you are and how you experience your life.

More information about this six-week workshop can be found here.

Why Journaling Changed My Life – by Sam Forintos

Why Journaling Changed My Life

Sam Forintos is another example of someone who began journaling because it was assigned to her by her parents . . . and hated it!  But only a few years later, realized what a magnificent, powerful, and healing tool it was for her, and has been “journaling by choice” ever since.

In this article, Sam gives five journaling “rules” (feel free to adapt or drop any that don’t work for you) that she has found most helpful in keeping her journaling inspiring and beneficial.

1. Only write when you want to.
2. Be honest.
3. NEVER, EVER write bad things about yourself or other people.
4. Don’t write anything you’ll regret/be embarrassed about later.
5. Have fun with it.
Great stuff!  Thanks, Sam.