Get Your 2014 On, Starting Now!

Getting Started, Staying Started with Write4LifeDo you make New Year’s Resolutions the same way you make birthday wishes? Someone puts a cake in front of you with candles, and in the moment you feel inspired to make a wish. You blow out the candles, everybody cheers, and the next thing you know you’re eating cake and laughing with your friends. Your birthday wish is gone from your mind, and the next day it may even be completely forgotten. Many people are cynical about New Year’s Resolutions. When asked about it, they might respond with a cursory, “I don’t make resolutions, they don’t work.” Even the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” is off-putting to them. When people feel this way, I believe it’s because they haven’t had the experience of ending the year with the amazing feeling of accomplishment. They weren’t prepared to stick with their resolutions and see the incredible results that come with a little planning and persistence. Laziness is not the culprit! I think the reason people don’t follow through with their goals is because they have not set up a plan for following through, and they don’t know how to find their inspiration for those days when it spontaneously vanishes. Having a method to rekindle our enthusiasm and stay on track would ensure at least some forward momentum on our goals. I’m offering a brand new course about New Year’s Resolutions, and it’s all about getting your year started off right. The course is called Getting Started, Staying Started, and it’s designed to help you focus on what matters most and hone in on the areas in which you’re ready to make a positive change. And even more importantly: How to fuel your own enthusiasm throughout the year, so you stay on-track instead of giving into cynicism. Is this really the time to make resolutions for the new year? Yes. Absolutely! Let’s not wait until the big countdown at 11:59 on December 31st when to decide on a whim what we want our next year to be about. We’ll look at how to choose purposeful, inspiring resolutions, and more importantly, how to stick with them. What gives one person staying-power, while another falls off the wagon by February? How do you maintain enthusiasm? In this 3-week course, we’ll use journaling techniques to lay a foundation for a year of motivation and month-to-month examination of progress. We’ll find out what fuels your passion and how to tap into it when the inevitable plateau comes along. You’ll be equipped with The Journal-Writer’s Guide to Staying Started, the companion workbook which offers writing assignments, insightful activities, and a very simple-but-powerful system for staying on-track with your goals. This workbook is included in the tuition for the course, but also sold separately from my website at $19.97 each. Learn more about the course and sign up HERE. I really enjoy working with those who see a great opportunity and take inspired action, so if you register in the next 48 hours, using the code WriteON, you will receive a 25% discount. I look forward to working with you!

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