Why Journaling Changed My Life – by Sam Forintos

Why Journaling Changed My Life

Sam Forintos is another example of someone who began journaling because it was assigned to her by her parents . . . and hated it!  But only a few years later, realized what a magnificent, powerful, and healing tool it was for her, and has been “journaling by choice” ever since.

In this article, Sam gives five journaling “rules” (feel free to adapt or drop any that don’t work for you) that she has found most helpful in keeping her journaling inspiring and beneficial.

1. Only write when you want to.
2. Be honest.
3. NEVER, EVER write bad things about yourself or other people.
4. Don’t write anything you’ll regret/be embarrassed about later.
5. Have fun with it.
Great stuff!  Thanks, Sam.

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