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Janet Wiszowaty

Nathan Ohren is passionate about helping you tap into your most precious gifts, to enjoy life fully, while making the world better. He authored “The Journal-Writer’s Guide to Staying Started” and co-authored “The Soul of Success” with Jack Canfield. Nathan has a firm foundation in the world of business and leadership, as well as the […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Difference Between Self-Analyzing and Self-Awareness?”

Tom asks, “Is there ever a time I would write in my journal when I’m not analyzing something?” To many, keeping a journal is a great tool and practice for problem-solving, so it might be natural to think that’s the only time to visit the blank page. Many people have also used journaling as a practice in […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “What’s the Best Time of Day for Journal-Writing?”

During a NINETY-DAY journal-writing challenge this winter, where I met a new friend “Wizzy” (Janet Wiszowaty), I was asked “the time of day” question again, so I thought I’d make a short episode about it. What’s the best time of day to make your journal entries? Early Morning is ideal for writing about your hopes or desires for […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “How Can Journaling Help Me Get My Book Finished?”

Publishing for a public audience and keeping a private journal are two spheres of a Venn diagram that do, in my opinion, have a very interesting intersection. This episode, long-time JournalTalk listener Nestor asks, “How can journaling help me through the process of publishing my book?” Janet Wiszowaty, a Jack Canfield success trainer, joins me in sharing tips […]

Janet and Nathan

Q&A: “(How) Do You Ask People to Share Their Journal Writing?”

Leslie, a friend and co-facilitator of journaling workshops in Thousand Oaks, California asks, “When leading a journal workshop, should you read your own private journal as a way to invite others to share their own writing?” A journal-writing workshop is an ideal place to discuss the context and content of your own journal. On one hand, it’s […]