Deborah Ross, LPC

Journaling to Rewire Your Brain!

Deborah Ross, LPCAbout one episode in every three, I feel as if I’m unveiling my “new favorite” episode — one that contains a life-altering perspective, and some truly fresh ideas. This is one of those.

My guest this week studied neuroscience at the Mindsight Institute with Dr. Dan Siegel and applied her findings to a therapeutic writing curriculum she titled “Your Brain on Ink” which is offered at the Therapeutic Writing Institute.

Deborah Ross, an avid journaler, recognizes the healing power of expressive writing and shares techniques for using journal-writing as self-directed neuroplasticity. That’s a fancy way of saying that journaling can literally alter the connections and shape of our brains, and therefore everything else in our experience of life.  (JournalTalk, Episode #40, September 30, 2014)

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4 thoughts on “Journaling to Rewire Your Brain!

  1. Leslie Levy

    Nathan, I so enjoyed this conversation with Deborah Ross on the ability of the brain to change over time, depending on the way in which you focus your attention. I especially appreciated the journal exercise Deborah suggested on holding a positive memory in your mind for 20 seconds and writing about the sensory details of it. I think I’ll go try that right now…
    Keep the podcasts coming, Nathan, great job!

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  3. tish tishman

    I must say I bought your book, have read only half of this frustrating, not clear, and definitely not a fun read. I am very disappointed. I really thought when I bought your book, I would finally learn to write in a journal. Who did you write this book for?
    I study neuroscience and quantum physics and thought it would add my journey, it has been a very frustrating experience. I’m deleting fromy Kindle. This held NO value to me. Waste of my time.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Dear Tish,
      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and feedback. It’s not often we get folks who are unhappy with the journaling resources that we share on this site, so I wanted to be sure you felt your comments were heard.

      The basis for the book Your Brain On Ink is to notice what is happening in and around you, and make notes on the experience. It begins with a dialogue between two authors, and uses short, well-constructed (deceptively simple) exercises called “Inklings” to help you navigate this process.

      Perhaps this is not for everyone, but I found it to be a clever and inviting way to combine neuroscience with journal-writing. Hopefully you find a different tool more useful, and I hope you will share it with us when you do!


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