JournalTalk Episode #33

The Unsent Letter … For Spiritual Healing

JournalTalk Episode #33My friend Shirley, spiritually bruised as a child by a group of religious fundamentalists, describes her recent experience of writing a letter to Jesus, and Jesus’ reply back to her.

This powerfully healing journal-writing technique, known as the “Unsent Letter”, is one of many that are described in this week’s book spotlight.  (JournalTalk, Episode #33, June 18, 2014)

Book Review: Albert Diaz Cruz shares a brief book spotlight for Journal to the Self, by Kathleen Adams. Click on the cover photo to purchase, and will donate to JournalTalk a 4% commission. Thank you for your support, and for the investment in your journal-writing!

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Voiceover: Kym Maher, Tami Egbert & Thomas Gerrard

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5 thoughts on “The Unsent Letter … For Spiritual Healing

  1. Sandra Eacret

    Wow. I just listened to your podcast with Shirley. Excellently done, and how generous of her to share what she did. I remember having what felt like an epic conversation with Jesus one Easter morning as I went for a walk before the service. Heart to heart, including tears-and a greater sense of peace and clarity. I think I’ll do what Shirley did. Thanks for putting this podcast out there.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Dear Sandra, thanks for your time to comment, for your listenership, and for sharing your own personal story. I wish you great courage, and also great tenderness, in writing your own set of letters. Would you please let us know if they also bring you peace?

  2. Angel

    Another great Journal Talk episode.
    It’s incredible how generous is Shirley by sharing this amazing experience she had doing this unsent letter exercise, and how she dealed to overcome such a powerful and delicate issue as facing own fears, specially with such a deep topic as spiritual beliefs.
    Truly inspirational, I think this journaling exercise is a MUST DO, looking forward to practice it.
    Thanks Shirley, Nathan and the whole Write4Life and Journal Talk production team.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Angel, it’s always a pleasure to read your comments. It gives me satisfaction to see you gaining insights and inspiration as you work your way through the past episodes. The Write4Life team (as few as we are) strive to continue bringing you useful content, for inviting passion, clarity and purpose into your daily life.

  3. Paul Wilson

    Thanks Shirley, and to all others who made this conversation available! I appreciate your spirit so much, and your willingness to be vulnerable enough to share your struggles!

    Someone saw the love coming out of you and your family, even in difficult times. They urged you to express your heart as not acting in dread, but rather from a sense of responsibility in the expressions of your family. Thankfully, soon a loving, hope-providing coach came your way, and urged you to write the letter to Jesus, to acknowledge the fears that had distorted your journey. In so doing you have touched many lives.

    As that flowed out, fresh water started coming in, as your spirit was rejuvenated, and filled your heart with that same kind of love – ever-increasing! Your last letter “from Jesus”, was filled with that same heaven-born pure water that cleanses and gives hope! I have no doubt that you had an experience filled with goodness at that time – and this will grow in hope and love, as you keep going that direction. Faith, Hope, Love, and the greatest of these is Love.

    I love what the 23rd Psalm says about us “sheep” . . . “He prepares a table before us in the very presence of our foes!” Another passage says that He provides a table full of bounty in our wilderness, much like over 600,000 people trekked from Egypt to Canaan. You may see that happen to you, too.

    We are so blessed to have you in the US! Keep living in Faith, Hope and Love!

    Paul Wilson


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