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JournalTalk answers your questions about journaling

Q&A: “Can Journaling Help Me Become a Better Writer?”

JTQA_LogoRaul wrote in to ask, with deep yearning and colorful examples, “Can journaling help me become a better writer?” Both Mari and I reassured him that he’s already on that path, with a significant piece of evidence hiding right inside the four-paragraph question!

For a more detailed response to this question, you will surely enjoy my interview with Danielle Hanna, crime-fiction writer, and author of Journaling to Become a Better Writer.

In his book, 101 Reasons To Write a Journal, the author devotes an entire chapter to thirteen different ways that journal-writing improves your general writing skills, regardless whether you keep an analog or digital journal!  Here are the first ten.

101 Reasons Book Image1. Capture ideas before they vanish.
2. Build grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
3. Learn how to start, tell, and end a story.
4. Find your sense of humor.
5. Increase your writing speed.
6. Practice writing every day.
7. Develop plot-building skills.
8. Increase your writing confidence.
9. Discover whether you even enjoy writing.
10. Destroy writer’s block.

Please join the dialogue: Post comments (on our website’s comments section) if you have more examples of how journaling has improved your writing.

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