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Writing To Heal

Who knew, back in Episode #4 when I discovered the amazing-but-unavailable book, Writing To Heal, that I’d eventually be interviewing the co-author of its revised and updated edition?!!

I learned a lot from my guest this week, John F. Evans, MAT, MA , Ed.D., a consultant, writing clinician, and an integrative health coach who speaks at national and international conferences about the power of writing to create better health, overcome trauma, and build resilience. He is also the founder and executive director of Wellness & Writing Connections, providing individual, group, and institutional life course guidance programs.

JT_JohnEvansThe first thing I learned from John is that I still have much more to learn about being an effective journaling coach!  With an astute-yet-modest perspective, John shares some of the scientifically proven health benefits of expressive writing (while cautioning me of the potential dangers of simply touting them to others)!  We also discuss the Pennebaker Paradigm, and the contribution that John is making to update and re-publish the landmark guidebook in this field, Writing To Heal, by Dr. James Pennebaker.  As mentioned in Episode #4, this groundbreaking and revered work has been out-of-print for several years.

John also publishes articles for Psychology Today in a column entitled Write Yourself Well, and is leading a workshop, “Transform Your Health”, with the International Association of Journal Writers later this month.  John teaches workshops at Duke Integrative Medicine, Duke Medical School, and the UNC Wellness Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We’ll talk more about these in a future episode!  (JournalTalk, Episode #15, September 15, 2013)

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Episode #4: Journaling via Spreadsheet

Journaling via Spreadsheet

Kathy LynchMy taxes are done!  And I’m another year older.  This episode was recorded after a celebratory dinner, prepared by my accountant friend Kathy Lynch, along with a glass (or two) of wine.

Kathy is the only person I know who has maintained her journal for years inside of an Excel Spreadsheet!  And could she possibly write in her journal while driving in her car?  Not sure about that one!  I met Kathy in Landmark Education’s “Wisdom Unlimited” self-empowerment course, the very place where Journal Talk and Write4Life got their start.  I invited her to participate in my journaling course last year, and she has stuck with them, month after month, ever since.  And now, she is the one inspiring me with new methods and resources on journaling.  She introduced me to Dr. James Pennebaker’s work, Writing To Heal, a well-researched book that recommends an effective journaling technique for overcoming trauma, based on scientific study and evidence.

You’ll hear that Kathy and I enjoy a good laugh, while jumping topics from the surreal to the profound.  We enjoy sharing new ideas and insights, always keeping our spirits refreshed and our minds positive.  (JournalTalk, Episode #4, April 15, 2013)