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JournalTalk answers your questions about journaling

Q&A: “What is the Best Time of Day to Do My Journaling?”

JTQA_LogoDo you prefer mornings or evenings to do your journaling? Or, both?

Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way” has successfully popularized the notion of Morning Pages, which are three pages of handwritten stream-of-consciousness writing done first thing each day. This practice has helped millions of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, business women and -men, and everyday people to recover their spiritual and creative expression.

Unfortunately, a common side-effect of this widespread practice is a belief that Morning Pages is the only way to do your journaling. Our question this week comes from a woman who wonders if it’s okay to try something else. Mari and I offer some suggestions, including the twin sister of Morning Pages, called “Night Notes.”

Please join the dialogue. Do you prefer morning or evening to do your journal-writing? We welcome additional comments and suggestions about journaling at night or day (or both!)

You may reply to this email with your own question to be featured on a future episode of JournalTalk. Or, please call to leave a voicemail with your question at 1-805-751-6280 (only normal toll charges may apply). If your question is featured, we will send you a thank-you gift for sharing your voice! (JournalTalk Q&A, Episode #10, August 26, 2014)

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