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Jack Canfield

Journaling Tips from Best-Selling Success Coach, Jack Canfield

JT_JackCanfieldIt is a great honor to have the opportunity to interview a long-time mentor of mine, a man who needs no introduction. And, I enjoyed introducing anyway.

Jack Canfield has made his way into the hearts and homes of millions of people worldwide, for one reason or another, and this interview only scratched the surface of a fraction of the topics we could have discussed in so little time.

We did somehow manage to cover quite a bit. In this episode, I begin by sharing a brief personal history about my three-year success story in the multi-level marketing business of PartyLite Candles, which is how I first met Jack Canfield. Then, Jack and I discuss a range of topics, including:

  • The 10th anniversary of Jack’s landmark guide to personal and professional achievement, The Success Principles.
  • The experience of celebrating our book, The Soul of Success, go from launch to best-seller status in a matter of days.
  • Some behind-the-scenes stories about the making of his Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
  • What kept Jack Canfield inspired to keep pursuing his dreams, even when it seemed he was meeting with failure at every turn.
  • The amazing opportunity of becoming one of Jack’s Certified Trainer of the Success Principles Program.
  • The completely new 30-Day Sobriety Solution.
  • The role that journal-writing plays in Jack’s personal life, and his most-frequently used journaling techniques, for cultivating creativity, healing, and self-reflection.
  • How Jack’s wife, Inga, is turning her journal-writings into a memoir.
  • Jack’s free, ten-day personal transformation course, available to the public.

This was a fun and enriching conversation with a down-to-earth, and truly caring celebrity. I most enjoyed learning that even people as successful as Jack Canfield still fight with their demons on a daily basis, and often turn to their journals for bravery, insight and refuge.

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Soul of Success book

The Soul of Success

Recovering from pneumonia was precisely the reminder I needed to breathe deeply, and move forward on my most important projects in a steady, self-compassionate pace.

Before then, I had been burning the candle at both ends, pushing myself to work harder, faster and smarter than ever. Now that I’m healthy and getting back into my stride, I’m confronted with mountains of tasks, and a gnawing urge to catch up to where I would have been if I hadn’t gotten sick. Can you feel me?

In this episode, I share a favorite 5-minute journaling technique, which I call the Ta-Da! List, for when I’m overwhelmed and need a system for making small steps of progress on the things that matter most.

This episode is also a grand unveiling for three exciting projects I’ve been working on.CLTTimage_02

  1. Power Insights. A new seven-day program that is guaranteed to help you discover valuable insights into any situation, decision, relationship, or issue you are facing. Special offer: JournalTalk listeners receive a 67% reduced price on this guided coaching program.
  2. Soul of Success. I’ve co-authored a book with Jack Canfield and several other entrepreneurs for helping people discover secrets of health, wealth and success. Click HERE to get your copy of this book today!
  3. Capturing Life Through Technology. We’ve (re)launched a new podcast series about using the best electronic tools of the trade; not only for journal-writing, but also including the many ways to capture life’s most precious moments. You can listen for free from the iTunes store, and I’d appreciate your honest review and 5-star rating! (JournalTalk, Episode #56, June 16, 2015)

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