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Lynda Monk on JournalTalk

Journaling in Groups


It’s one thing to achieve personal transformation through the act and habit of journaling.  But there’s a new trend emerging among journal-writers: taking that transformation to the level of community.  My guest this episode is Lynda Monk, who has been journaling with her friends for several years, and ready to launch a book on the experience, Writing Alone Together:  Women Journaling for Creativity, Compassion and Community.

Lynda has been a Social Worker in Canada, for over 20 years, including 10 years of crisis intervention and counseling work.  In 2000, she founded Creative Wellness — a coaching and training business specializing in supporting the stress and burnout prevention needs of helping and healthcare professionals.  In 2009, Lynda became a Certified Co-Active Life Coach, and turned her passion for the transformational and healing power of therapeutic journaling into the heart of her business.  She offers “Writing for Wellness” workshops, presentations and coaching programs to  helpers, healers, caregivers and conscious-living enthusiasts.

Her company provides access to a wealth of resources for both the individual as well as organizations that seek enlivened practice and healthy living.   Her “Writing for Wellness: Getting Started Guide” (available for free on her website) is an impressive introduction to the art of therapeutic journaling, and is just one of the free resources she offers.

As you listen to my interview with Lynda, we’ll explore a powerful dynamic of journaling within the context of community.  Lynda touches on the power of storytelling, and encourages us to consider beginning our own journaling circle, for many of the same reasons a book enthusiast would join a book club.  I also appreciated the way Lynda so beautifully acknowledged how this podcast series itself is a project of community-building amongst journaling advocates.  (JournalTalk, Episode #11, July 22, 2013)

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