JournalTalk answers your questions about journaling

Q&A: “Should I Save (or Destroy) My Old Journals?”

JournalTalk answers your questions about journalingDo your journals scream out like Cheryl’s do, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Mari and I stand on either side of this debate with great pointers for anyone who wonders “why hang on to these notebooks?”

Cheryl first started keeping her journals because she wanted “proof of her existence”. Today, she believes she’s collected enough; or maybe her reasons for journal-writing are different now?

Whether you write just for the zen of it, or you have other reasons for journaling, Mari and I offer ideas in this episode that help you keep your focus on YOU, and whatever you’re needing from the soul-supporting practice of journaling.

LBLF Logo:ButtonIn the all-new 30-Day Journaling Challenge, titled, “Looking Back, Looking Forward”, you can also hear dozens of terrific ideas for using your journals to review and harvest from your old writings, and then design a compelling future for the new season ahead.

Fuel the dialogue: Do your journal notebooks have a “shelf-life”? Post your response at the bottom of this webpage, in the comments section.

You may send your own journaling question to be featured on a future episode of JournalTalk. Or, pick up the telephone and leave a voicemail with your question at 1-805-751-6280 (only normal toll charges may apply). If your question is featured, we will send you a thank-you gift for sharing your voice! (JournalTalk Q&A, Episode #18, December 16, 2014)

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