My Three Hot Buttons: Passion, Clarity & Purpose

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Not too long ago I found myself in an uncomfortable situation. I came to a point in my life, after I had been journaling for twenty-eight years. I had boxes and boxes of journals, pages filled with the demons I’d wrestled with, obstacles I’d overcome and challenges through which I’d sorted. Journaling had been my best friend and ally. I knew that this material was worth something, that it could somehow make a difference in the world, but I just didn’t know how or what that would look like.

I thought about turning my entries into a screenplay for a film. I imagined people going to the movies, buying popcorn and watching my life story for a few hours, but when I visualized that, I was left feeling simply uninspired. After more wondering, visualizing and pondering, I decided I needed to write a book. But everything I came up with was just flat.

None of these ideas moved me, and I was frustrated until a light bulb went off during Landmark Education’s Wisdom Course. I realized: What I really want is to share my passion for journaling with other people. And the idea of an e-course struck me.

Through journaling, I’ve been able to grow myself personally and professionally. But instead of writing a book about me, I wanted to show people how to get something for themselves through the power of journaling.

The Passion, Clarity & Purpose ecourse was born with the intention of sharing the love I have for this type of writing. Journaling is an amazing tool for getting clear, making decisions and leading a love-filled life. This course teaches people how they can write to enhance their lives.

Passion: Lighting the fire of your creativity and imagination! Over the six-week course, we’ll explore ways to re-kindle our love for the things that mean the most in our lives – and you may be surprised by what comes out! Weekly writing assignments will have you look at what gets you going, and owning your enthusiasm.

Clarity: Getting laser-like focus on who you are, and where you’re going. With an emphasis on getting “real” with ourselves, we practice speaking to ourselves with compassion and kindness, without pretense or excuses. Any issue or area of life that feels murky can be cleared up with the exercises we do in the course, and you’ll be left with the ability to make choices in your life that you can stand by because you know what you need and want.

Purpose: Connecting with our mission and meaning in life. Ultimately, we’ll use journaling to learn about ourselves and what we are truly meant to be doing. In a practice of compassionate honesty, we’ll use journaling to find our truth. We participate in weekly conference calls (a sort of Learning Laboratory) to stimulate you taking inventory of your life, and choosing what’s right for you.

The investment for this course is $197, and the first ten people to sign up will receive a surprise bonus upon their registration.  Register today.

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