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My guest expert this episode is Ruth Folit, the founder and director of the International Association of Journal Writers.  (Did you know there was such a thing?!  Yea, go check it out!)  But Ruth will have to come back sometime to tell us more about this amazing library of journaling resources, and the wise council of journal-writing elders . . . because in this episode, there’s too much to discuss about the newest version of her revolutionary software LifeJournal Online.

Ten years in the making, LifeJournal has all the features most cherished by typists as well as hand-writers!  Ruth recalls the moment she first decided to share journaling with the world. (Now over 30,000 people and counting!)  Plus of course, we discuss some insightful topics, and a powerful journaling exercise, along the way.   (JournalTalk, Episode #13, August 19, 2013)

Music: Paul Mottram, ”Shellfish Behaviour” (
Voiceover: Tami Egbert and Kym Maher
Logo Art: Wendy Kipfmiller,

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