Episode #2: Public Journaling

Public Journaling Tips from Jessica Jensen

Jessica JensenIn this episode, I conduct a telephone interview with Jessica Jensen, social media and marketing expert.  Jessica reveals her wisdom in connecting people with others, and the magic of synchronicity.  And she shares stories about her entry into the realm of journaling.  We also learn about www.everything2.com, a site devoted to public journaling, as well as tips and insights for anyone interested in basic journaling technique.  March 17, 2013

2 thoughts on “Episode #2: Public Journaling

  1. Angel

    Wow, it’s always inspiring and impressive to hear someone so passionate like Jessica, also I admire how brave she is for sharing those journal entries with everyone on everything2 and how nowadays she keeps sharing her thoughts there. Thanks for the lesson on taking risks, it’s phenomenal advice.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      I always appreciate your comments, Angel. These early episodes of this series, I purposely invited people to the program who had interesting ideas, especially if they challenged my own. I still cannot imagine journaling for a public audience, but I have learned to make room for people who find it helpful and freeing.


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