Congratulations, Juan Minchala!

Sixty Consecutive Days!

Juan MinchalaCongratulations, Juan, on making two consecutive 30-day challenges in daily journaling!  Juan is a participant in our Passion, Clarity & Purpose Journaling e-Course.  He has shared on our weekly conference calls numerous times about breakthroughs he has made with his family relationships, personal goals, self-understanding, and self-discovery.  One of these conversations is recorded in Episode #1 of JournalTalk, our bi-weekly podcast.

Juan says: “The best part about journaling is that I’ve gained a new ability to express myself into words, both for my own clarity of mind, as well as with the world around me.  Journaling has dramatically improved the quality of my life, and I’m grateful for the course and all the supportive people I’ve met through it.”  Juan is an aspiring musician, and an inspiration to many friends and family members.

Best wishes for another amazing sixty days, Juan!

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