Journal Prompt: “What Do I Want?”

I spent some time today with a dear friend, Elaine Flanders, author of the blog website, “Life in the E-Lane!” who reminded me of the power of this simple self-query: “What do I want?”

During our walk today, Elaine kept using the phrase “What do I want,” as a means to keep her awareness focused on expanding the experience of good things in her world. We chuckled, remembering the video clip about this subject on YouTube, from the movie, The Notebook.

Your journal prompt for today is: What do I want?

Have fun. Thanks again, Elaine!


One thought on “Journal Prompt: “What Do I Want?”

  1. Elaine Flanders

    Thank you, Nathan.
    There is a part of me still asking this question, while the other part says, “I have enough, I am enough and there is nothing more I really want!” I adore you.


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