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Julianne Victoria on JournalTalk

Metaphors for Spiritual Growth

Julianne Victoria on JournalTalkYou don’t have to believe that Dorothy Gale was a real Kansas farmer’s niece, or acknowledge the existence of a magical Munchkinland in order to gain insights and inspiration for finding your own (yellow-brick) path home. Similarly, you can draw upon a number of powerful images and stories to deepen your spiritual journey, without committing to a belief in their scientific truth.

My guest this week, Julianne Victoria, offers a variety of domains, rich with symbolic references, from the animal kingdom to a deck of tarot cards, as potential sources for reflection, and the prompting of our inner wisdom. Julianne is author of The Butterfly Journal, both a book and a yearlong course designed to guide one through the magic of personal metamorphosis. I enjoyed many components of this fascinating discussion with Julianne:

  • Using the stages of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis to butterfly as a metaphor for growth, change, and taking responsibility for one’s circumstances.
  • Drawing from the imagery and interpretation of tarot cards to deepen insight.
  • Connecting with the symbols of a peacock’s feather, and the phoenix’s resurrection.
  • Using the myths of Vedic Astrology as a roadmap for living.
  • Relating to karma and dharma to focus on gratitude, forgiveness, and actions for continuous improvement.
  • …and much, much more!

Exclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  Julianne has generously recorded a free, guided and personalized video introduction to her book, The Butterfly Journal, as a special thank-you for listening to this episode. (JournalTalk, Episode #75, May 17, 2016)

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