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Journaling for the Next Generation


In case you thought I only interviewed beautiful women, I had to prove that there are other men who enjoy discussing their journaling habits!  This episode, I’m pleased to introduce Sam, nick-named the “Digital Journaling Guru”.  Sam’s perspective is unique on several levels. An accomplished Civil Engineer with strong family values, he speaks about helping people ensure their writings safely reach future generations.

Sam and his wife Tiffany, started EasyJournaling.com for people who feel they journal better on a keyboard than by hand.  In fact, Sam has diplomatically settled the debate between those who type and those who hand-write, by stating it depends on your goal:  If you’re looking to preserve your writing for the future, using the latest technology is your key.  Sam has formulated a free online selection tool called BestJournalApp.com to help you figure out which journaling application should suit your needs best.

Sam is barely thirty years old, and yet has as much experience journaling as I have!  He’s been documenting his life (at the wise prompting of his parents) since the tender age of eight!  Now with children of his own, Sam advocates journaling as one of several effective ways to capturing life’s lessons and precious memories.  For writing prompts and guides, Sam respectfully points his followers back to myself and other journaling coaches.  But Sam is delighted to offer expert advice on best practices for digitizing, editing, securing, backing up, and printing your journal entries.  In our conversation, we discuss his brand-new podcast, Capturing Life Through Technology, as well as his plans for an upcoming Digital Journaling University!  Along the way, we discuss his book, 101 Reasons To Write a Journal, and exchange ideas about family newsletters, upgrading videos, photography and more.

Music: Alexander L’Estrange / Joanna Forbes “Ooh Yeah” AudioNetwork.com
Voiceover: Kym Maher
Logo Art: Wendy Kipfmiller, Snixysnix.com