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JournalTalk answers your questions about journaling

Q&A: “How Can I Archive All My Handwritten Journals?”

JTQA_LogoWhether you type or handwrite your diary or journal, you’ll eventually need to answer the question, “How can I preserve and protect all this writing from fire, flood or other natural disasters?”  Unless you are Mari L. McCarthy, who throws all her journals away (wouldn’t you love to be her trash man?) this question is not easy.

As we discuss the implications of converting all handwritten journals into digital format, Mari and I send listeners to our respective sites for more information: CreateWriteNow’s Facebook page, and my other podcast series, “Capturing Life Through Technology” at Easy Journaling.

Fuel the dialogue! Feel free to write your comments below with more journaling questions. Or, provide your own answers and opinions to this week’s featured question. (JournalTalk Q&A, Episode #6, June 24, 2014)

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