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Shannon Hernandez

Journaling Her Way to Freedom

Shannon HernandezMy guest this episode wrote in her journal the details of the last forty days of her exit from the public school system, and into her own business as “The Writing Whisperer“. Today, Shannon Hernandez helps people solidify the words they use to connect with their audience, as creator of the “Word Ambassador Circle”, of which I am proud to be part.


With laughter and playfulness, Shannon and I discuss a variety of journaling topics, from the simple (How many notebooks do you have going at one time? Do you use pens or pencils?) to the profound. Shannon shares her plans for “writing expeditions” — connecting journaling with the outdoors — as well as a helpful “Year in Review” journal-writing exercise.

Book Review: Albert Diaz Cruz gives his journal-writing book recommendation this week for Christina Baldwin’s book, One to One: Self-Understanding Through Journal Writing. Use the link here and JournalTalk will receive a small percentage of your purchase. Thanks for supporting this podcast! (JournalTalk, Episode #28, March 31, 2014)

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