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Journaling for Authentic Refreshment

Those of you already familiar with Dawn Herring will find this episode a special treat.  She is even more inspiring and engaging than you’ve come to expect from her years of hosting the weekly Twitter chat room she calls #JournalChat Live! Your “Refreshment Specialist” shares bountifully from her years of experience and hundreds of interviews.

Dawn Herring

Those of you meeting Dawn for the first time: get ready to meet a Wonder Woman in the field of journal writing.  Dawn Herring is a talent scout for journaling tips and techniques.  If you’ve published an article online about the many virtues or approaches to journal writing, chances are Dawn will find you!  And soon you’ll find yourself invited to the world’s largest chatroom arena on journaling, a Twitter event that she hosts on the first Sunday afternoon of each month at 1:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern (updated 12/8/13).

Our lively and profound conversation weaves in and out of personal stories, journaling tips, and a whole bunch of amazing projects that Dawn is up to.  From her fine art in pointillism, to a blog on electrical safety she maintains an aura she calls Authentic Refreshment for herself and those around her:  “Appreciate Yourself For Who You Really Are, Validate Your Feelings, and Nurture Your Soul.”  (JournalTalk, Episode #14, September 1, 2013)

Music: Paul Mottram, ”Easy Bean Swing” and “Short n Sweet” (AudioNetwork.com)
Voiceover: Tami Egbert and Kym Maher
Logo Art: Wendy Kipfmiller, Snixysnix.com

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