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Journaling Course Conference Call

Journal Talk LogoIn this first episode, we go directly to the Journaling Classroom and listen in to participants’ sharing about their journaling experience, challenges, tips, and success. ┬áThen Journaling Coach, Nathan Ohren suggests a new journaling prompt for the coming week for participants to deepen their focus and entries. ┬áMarch 3, 2013


3 thoughts on “Journaling Course Conference Call

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  2. Angel

    It’s amazing how the podcast has changed and evolved over time, congratulations to the JournalTalk production team, on the incredible development of the podcast.

    Also thanks for the very insightful tips provided from this very first episode, I’ll try to put all of them on practice, especially liked the doodling tip because I’ve felt the need of a little relief of my own writing. It’s great to hear other people share their experiences on journaling, Great Job.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Thank you, Angel, for your comments. It’s always nice to see new listeners going back and listening to the archived episodes from the past. I’m glad to hear you got something valuable to try out. Good luck with your doodling!


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