Juliet Platt with Handbook

Sailing the Seas of Self-Discovery

Juliet Platt with Handbook

The JournalTalk podcast goes international in this sea-voyaging episode!  Meet Juliet Platt, a creative journaling coach from Blunsdon (a village about one mile north of Swindon) in the southwest of the United Kingdom.  She’s the author of The Journal Writer’s Handbook, published in December 2012.  The Handbook is a complete journaling workshop in seven chapters, and Juliet explains how she uses the book in her coaching practice.

As usual, JournalTalk host Nathan Ohren takes the opportunity to highlight some powerful writing prompts and exercises, while touching on the many benefits of journaling.  In this episode, we explore why Juliet believes writing by hand is so helpful in self-discovery.  She gives us three favorite reflective writing techniques that you are sure to enjoy trying out.  Also: Juliet gives us cause to rethink the stereotype that journal-writing is an isolating, self-indulgent activity.  She shares how journal-writing can instead energize us to be more authentically self-expressed, more involved in our communities, and engaged in the world around us.  (JournalTalk, Episode #5, April 29, 2013)

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