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Meet Dolly Garland, journaling coach for the brave of heart.  Her name may have you think of the sweetness of Dolly Parton, or the lovable innocence of Judy Garland.  And she may be some of those things, but watch out!  Dolly Garland is a fierce Kaizen warrior, and takes her self-improvement seriously.Her website, Kaizen Journaling, is a training library for daring souls to face themselves with ambition, audacity, and authenticity — three traits she believes are hallmarks of a true reflective writing practice.I enjoyed getting to know Dolly, and discussing her book, The 365 Days of Journaling.  She succinctly describes the benefits available for those who make journaling a regular habit.  Dolly also explains what kaizen means, and how she borrowed the term from Japanese manufacturing, and applies it to taking an honest look in the mirror while writing.  (JournalTalk, Episode #16, September 30, 2013)

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