Journaling for Everyday Celebration!

Raychelle LeBlanc and JournalTalk logoOur journaling prompt this week: “What was the best part of my day today?”

With her motto, “Cake Every Day”, my guest this episode helps us to identify and appreciate the celebration in every single day. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, panic, depression, or any other energy imbalance, Raychelle LeBlanc coaches methods for healing and gratitude.

One main ingredient in her personal prescription for healthy life-balance is journaling. Raychelle shares a no-nonsense, tangible approach for working with the written word, including a few focus points that have been helpful in her experience: gratitude, honesty with self, laws of the universe, and connecting to source. Icing on the cake: Listen to Raychelle’s elegant way of turning everyday complaints and judgements into valuable choices.

Click on this link, or the book image, to learn more about Raychelle’s book, Your Daily Slice Journal(JournalTalk, Episode #43, November 25, 2014)

SPECIAL OFFER:  In this episode, Raychelle invites you to contact her and mention JournalTalk, for a FREE one-on-one meditation and journaling session featuring her “balance wheel”.

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One thought on “Journaling for Everyday Celebration!

  1. Angel

    Another great episode. I just wanna share that I love the “the best part of my day” exercise, I’ve performed it many times, and it’s great. It has really helped me realize the things in my life that I am the most grateful about and that I can’t see most of the time, for a number of reasons. It helps by also showing me that I can and should be grateful in some way for almost everything that happens in life. Definitely my favorite journaling exercise too, thank you Nathan, for sharing that.


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