Invitation to the Journaling Expo (January 12th)

2014 Journaling ExpoMark your calendars for January 12th 2014. Don’t miss the Journaling Expo! This is a teleseminar designed to help you get even more connected with your passion for writing, and it’s jam-packed with journaling tips, exercises, inspiration, free gifts, and more. I’m honored to be featured among three other outstanding guest speakers, including top-notch journaling coaches from around the world.

Here is the lineup:

Mari L. McCarthy of CreateWriteNow is this year’s primary sponsor, host and coordinator of the event. A famously ambidextrous journaling coach with an amazing story, Mari is often referred to as the “Oprah Winfrey of Therapeutic Writing.” I enjoy the many resources she shares to “Power Up” your life with the tools of journaling. Mari made a guest appearance in Episode #3 of my podcast (listen HERE).

Hannah Braime, is the author of several books, including From Coping to Thriving and The Ultimate Guide to Journaling. Hannah also hosts a podcast entitled “Become Who You Are,” about happiness and effective life strategies. Hannah is a natural with discussing topics such as finding meaning, purpose, validation and passion in life; all of which all incredible benefits of journal writing.

Lynda Monk, founder of Creative Wellness, and author of some amazing books about writing for well-being, including Writing for Wellness: Getting Started Guide.  Lynda devotes her entire company dedicated to helping others through the power of journal writing. Her coaching style and writing prompts are so powerful that they have been known to alter the quality of people’s lives within five minutes of writing. Listen to my interview with Lynda for a taste of what she’s about.

Nathan Ohren (yes, that’s me!) will be speaking on the topic of journaling as it relates to career. Often we believe that journaling is only useful in the context of our personal lives, but I’m here to dispel that myth share some powerful ways you can use journal writing to develop yourself professionally.

If you’re ready to stretch yourself and grow your journaling practice, bring your journal and register for the expo here. Details for joining the webinar will be sent once you register.

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P.S.: I’ve got a bonus homework assignment for you: prior to the expo, in your journal, write down one career goal you feel passionate about, and three statements you believe are true about journaling and your career. See you at the expo!

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