Dr. Susan Campbell on JournalTalk

The One Thing About Journaling: Getting Real

Dr. Susan Campbell on JournalTalkAs soon as I bought her book, “Getting Real“, I knew I wanted to invite Dr. Susan Campbell to be a guest on JournalTalk.

I’ve often shared that the one thing you need for a healthy journal-writing habit — far more important than whether you type or handwrite, or whether you write daily or just sporadically — is the ability to get completely honest with yourself.

In addition to being author of incredible books, Dr. Campbell has helped people embrace their authenticity in all areas of life, through workshops and coaching programs. She’s been featured on several national television spots and magazines for her insight and step-by-step instructions on using our truth to understand, connect, and heal ourselves and our relationships.

I’m hopeful that our conversation, both contemplative and giggly, will delight and inspire you. We discuss several of her books about authenticity and relationship repair (click here for a library of them on Amazon.com). We ponder what to do with our stacks of disregarded journals of the past. And, Dr. Susan shares a number of journal-writing exercises to try. One of them she calls the “Do-Over”, a powerful series of questions that help you revise a statement or promise you’ve made to someone when you weren’t being 100% authentic. Dr. Susan invites me to share my own example of this, and, thinking for a moment that I was in the privacy of her office, I allowed myself to share something very personal about a relationship with someone from high school. (JournalTalk, Episode #52, March 17, 2015)

Getting Real, by Dr. Susan Campbell

Exclusive Offer for JournalTalk Listeners:  In this episode, Dr. Susan offers to send listeners a downloadable “cheat-sheet” of the Revising/Do-Over exercise, when they contact her and mention “JournalTalk”. This is a wonderful activity that helps you practice authenticity in your communications with others, even if you haven’t been as authentic with them as you could have in the past.




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