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JT_JohnEvansReturning to JournalTalk is Dr. John Evans, founder of Wellness and Writing Connections. Back in Episode #15, Dr. Evans shared about his connection to the rewriting of the landmark research compendium, Writing To Heal, by Dr. James Pennebaker. In this episode, Dr. Evans shares an update on that work (including its new title, Expressive Writing For Health) as well as some heart-stirring examples of the kind of work that he does. Don’t miss this: Dr. Evans reads some writings from one workshop participant (shared with the author’s permission, of course). Very moving!

In addition to this interview, I am pleased to introduce to you Albert Diaz Cruz, a journaling workshop aficionado, who will be sharing book reviews from journaling experts with us from time to time. His first book review is on The New Diary by Tristine Rainer. Please leave a comment below to enter the drawing for a copy of this book mailed to you for free!  (JournalTalk, Episode #24, February 6, 2014)

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10 thoughts on “Writing for Health & Wellness

  1. Nathan Ohren Post author

    Thank you, Marscha and Misa! You’re both entered in the drawing. I’ll make the pick before the next episode is up … toward the end of next week. Thanks much for listening and participating. I’m thrilled that you enjoy the podcast.

  2. Wayne Upchurch

    Nathan, I have tried repeatedly to listen/download/access this show, through your page as well as in iTunes.. No luck!
    Error messages continue to say things like “not found on server”. The file is not available.
    John tells me that he doesn’t have an archive of programs featuring him, so you are the only source I have for this interview. Any help?

  3. Wayne Upchurch

    Got it, Nathan! I had heard the first one, and was eager to hear this one.. . so, Thank you.
    …and John’s correct, of course; your contribution takes commitment and skills, and gives of your passion for the huge benefits of writing journals.

    1. Nathan Ohren Post author

      Wayne, many thanks for your kind words of acknowledgement. And many more thanks for all you’re doing. Please send a link or some info about the courses you are offering related to Dr. Evans’ work? Thanks and best of luck!

  4. joyceheatherington

    Wish I’ve known about journal talk when this episode aired. The book will be in my wish list.


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