Journaling Your Way to Personal Growth

Link:  Journaling Your Way to Personal Growth, by Marquita Herald

Journaling for Personal Growth

Marquita Herald shares several benefits and great journaling prompts in this article (link above).  Sometimes I find another journaling expert can say something more eloquently than I’ve been saying it for years:

Writing about what is happening in your life will help to clarify your thoughts so you can better understand what you’re feeling and why. When you write, your mind will naturally slow down as you search for the right words to express your feelings, and in the process you become more aware of your thoughts. When you read and summarize what you’ve written, it provides you with the opportunity to step back and look at things in new ways, maybe even from an entirely different perspective.

Here are the Benefits of Journaling she lists:

  • Builds self awareness
  • Reduces stress and helps to work through problems
  • Helps you to stay focused on your priorities and make better choices
  • Brings out your natural creativity and wisdom
  • Helps you identify your values
  • Clarifies thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • Reveals your greater potential
  • Beneficial for healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Helps you see yourself as an individual
  • Connects you to the bigger picture of your life

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