JournalTalk Listener Hotline

Leave a message for Nathan, or any of the guest experts you’ve heard on JournalTalk!

To have the JournalTalk Listener Hotline call your phone:  Simply click the icon below, enter your phone number, and click Connect.  

Or, you can dial directly: 1 (805) 751-6280.

Here’s what will happen next:

  1. Google will call your phone number and you’ll be connected to a recording.

  2. The recording is me, welcoming you and giving a couple instructions.

  3. Leave your message (up to three minutes).

  4. Hang up when you’ve finished.

Share your thoughts, reactions, questions and ideas!  We’re all ears!  Thanks again for listening … and participating … with JournalTalk!

Not working for you? Here are other ways to contact me anytime.

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